Sacrifice Spy 110mm Scooter Wheel


Sacrifice Spy 110mm Scooter Wheel

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The Sacci Spy wheels are a hollow core wheels with additional ‘peepholes’ recesses to reduce the wheels overall weight further. The urethane is cut slightly higher than traditional 110mm x 24mm wheels, giving it a flatter running surface to help with landings. Like the Peephole wheels but with recesses instead of cut outs.

~ Sacrifice Peephole Scooter Wheel

~ 110mm x 24mm

~ Sacrifice Rollercoaster bearings pre-installed

note; most people purchase scooter wheels in pairs from our store. However, we know they’ll be times when you only need one wheel at a time. Please make sure you list the quantity you require in the drop down box.

another note; the higher cut urethane on these wheels can rub on the stock forks that come on some complete scooters. A small amount of filing on the fork usually solves this issue.